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Quick update:

About this blog

  Yes, I added a warning.  I do not wish to offend.  I do not intend to, and I endeavour not to.  But I have noticed that some people can be particularly offended by ideas they disagree with.  So, be warned.  You might disagree with a lot of what is written here. Now that that is over, let’s get on with my intro. It’s been a while.   I can see my last Spiritually inspired post was 5 years ago.   Wow! doesn’t time fly when one is being introspective! It has been a very interesting time.   So, the blog is now being updated.   It will be, as always, offering reflections and hopefully be as objective as I intend it to be. I will also start discussing some new philosophical concepts about the Universe and Spirituality.   New tags: ð   Post-Spiritual(ism) .   My beliefs are still spiritual.   My perspective is post-Spiritual.   So, the tag post-Spiritual(ism) refers specifically to Philosophical discussions on this perspective.   Everything else will still be tagged Spiritual
Recent posts

Can a person/body host multiple souls?

Does multiple personality disorder actually exist? How does it feel like? How can one person (one living soul) have multiple personalities? This was a question that we answered on Quora . Comments welcome. I believe the question refers to the Dissociative Disorder Spectrum which include Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Here is a reference at how it works We would like, however, to talk about that One Living Soul that you speak of. That has been a hot topic in our system. There are lots of us, many consciousnesses in one body. Some of us believe that everybody has their own Soul, others believe that some of us have Souls but others don’t. Some of us believe that no matter what everyone will cross over, others believe that only those with a Soul will. Others still believe that only the first has a Soul and they will be the only one to be graced with eternal life. Some of us are terrif

The beginning of post-Spiritual(ism)

  I love being Spiritual.   The responsibilities are simple.   Be nice to everything and everyone.   Nothing complicated.   The joys are quite great too.   The feelings of peace, love, and joy experienced while communing with nature, or connecting to the Universe in some way is simply exhilarating. Yet, I am not one for blind faith.   I am not necessarily a sceptic.   I believe that everything is possible.   However, I also like to know how things work.   It’s the way my brain is wired.   Since I was a little child.   When I received a new present, be it a car or a nicely bound book, my one and only question was always: “How does it work?”   I took everything apart trying to understand how it worked.   Always getting into a lot of trouble for it.   Nonetheless I did.   I can’t help it.   It’s in my nature. So, when someone says: “You have to raise your vibration”, I take it at face value.   Sure, it makes sense.   In some form of instinctive super-natural-spiritual gut feelin