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Various Reasons for Addiction

Those who are the most loved, are usually the ones who are also the most settled, stable, and lead happy lives.  Unfortunately, not everybody is lucky enough to be counted in this group of people. Many of us, go through suffering at some stage in their lives, and this has a detrimental effect on their minds, bodies, and souls.  In this post we will look into one of the effects caused by bad experiences in people's existence, which is addiction. People get addicted because they are looking to fill the emptiness that they feel inside, or are trying to get away from a bad reality.   Children who have been physically/mentally/sexually abused grow into insecure adults with low or no self esteem. They may have no actual memory of the abuse because they hide those terrible memories in a box in their head, which they lock very securely, just to make sure they will never remember those anguishing times, and that they will never have to deal with the pain again.. They just feel co

Ensuring Healthy and Happy Relationships

Relationships are supposed to be the best thing that happens to us in this earthly life.  Finding a soulmate that shares our path, gives us love, and appreciates our love, a shoulder to cry on, a rock to lean on, that makes us stronger, and fulfilled is truly a gift. However, relationships can so often, and tragically, turn into alienating experiences and re-shape our life, and perspective, and our sense of self-worth in the most destructive ways. There are, however, a few things we can do to check that our relationships turn out to be better than we could ever have dreamt, instead of into our worse nightmare First, and foremost, a good relationship goes far beyond attraction, and it is necessary to actually LIKE the person as well. NEVER have to excuse their behaviour or accepting blame for their failure to return our love appropriately, or for their inability to behave in a loving and considerate manner. A good relationship is based on frank and open exchange of op

The dark side

As I was reading an interesting, albeit bleak, article the other day about the dark forces trying to take over the world (see The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the ), I thought it is important to touch on the subject on this website, which is primarily concerned with Spiritual development. We cannot fail to notice these dark forces at work in our daily lives. Wars, corruption, abuse, hunger, pain, suffering, and despair are plain for all to see; and we may at times experience the brunt of evil ourselves. This subject was already touched upon in a previous article (see ). It is probably a subject worth delving deeper into, but in this specific post, I wanted to mention the effects, and perils, that these dark forces have in their spiritual form, rather than in th

Importance of Clear Communication

Make sure you set aside a time and it could be the same day every week in your relationship when you can sit down and talk.  You must promise not to raise your voices or react and take it in turns to speak.  The 1st one should talk about important things to them without hurting the other. This should be done without being interrupted until they are finished and then the other one can only ask to have points explained if they need to. Then the 2nd one can speak without being interrupted and not hurting the other. Both should actually listen to exactly what is being said and not their interpretation of it. After both have spoken then you can have a discussion without raising your voices. This is a wonderful way to discover how you actually feel and then resentment cannot build up and destroy your closeness when it is a romantic relationship or not.  It is much better to know how the other is feeling and what they need than just assuming you know.

Different Ways to be Psychic

Everybody has the ability to be psychic. We all have gut instinct, intuition, or spidey senses which are all psychic information. Just building up trust each time we are right about what we know helps us to develop our psychic abilities.  We can get information in two ways, one is by picking up energies, such as residual energy left in a place, or connecting to someone's aura.  In this way we can pick up events that have happened in a certain place, or even understand animals and plants, or can be aware of what happened to a certain person, what they feel, or what they wish for. Another way is to get information from Spirit.  Spirit are more aware than us of what is happening, and they are less tied to time and space than we are, so the information that we can get from them is much more detailed, in-depth, and can even include glimpses of the future.   There are many ways in which we can get information, but below are the most commonly known and used ways that we g