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Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance - Part 4 - Helping Others

Got balance? Time to help others So, once one has a good Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance, what to do with it? Undoubtedly, the first thing to do is to enjoy it. A good Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance brings inner peace. That in itself is priceless. In all honesty, it is nice when people talk about someone and say "Oh that person is so nice … always with a smile, a breath of fresh air". When one has a good balance, he or she will naturally attract people around them. And inner peace is infectious. It spreads like a smile. However, the second object of our attention should be to maintain it. Think about how hard it was to achieve it. Hang on to it. Keep everything stable; meet your needs. Although it is relatively simple to maintain a good balance, it is also mind boggling easy to lose, as mentioned in part 3 . Last, but definitely not least, spread the peace! Help others achieve the same state of joy, peace, and enligh

Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance – Part 3 - What if we don't gain balance?

What if we lose, or never gain this balance? In the previous post , we looked at why it is helpful to fulfil the needs of all the facets of our being, and I argued that once achieved this Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance, it is relatively simple to maintain. This implied, however, that it is not particularly easy to achieve in the first place. When we talk about gaining or regaining composure, whether one is trying to regain this balance or to achieve it for the first time, they face a similar struggle. The only difference is that those who have never gained equilibrium will consider it a kind of "holy grail"; instead, those who have lost it will know that it is possible, it is achievable, and it is beneficial. Firstly, let us consider what can cause someone to lose or never gain a Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance. In my experience, this can be caused by many factors. Something like abuse, neglect, a co-dependent relationship, losi

Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance – Part 2 - What does it mean?

What does Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance mean? In the previous article of this miniseries, we had an overview of what balance in one’s life is, and looked at how to restore Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) integrity after having a fight with one's boss; but we did end pondering on how one can restore this balance when the issues are long-standing and deep-routed. I know my psychologist friends are already whispering "therapy and anti-depressants" … well, I certainly agree with them that in some instances these may be helpful. However I would like to consider in more details what generates this Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance of which I am so enthusiastically confabulating. To put it quite simply, it is exactly what the words indicate: we need to meet the needs of our Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) facets. Of each and every one of them. Without fail. Let us consider them briefly one by one Spiritua

Mental-Emotional-Spiritual (and Physical) balance - Part 1 - What is balance?

What is balance? I guess throughout my life I have been quite lucky as no matter what experiences I have gone through, I seem to have naturally been able to maintain some kind of balance, a level-head , and to be relatively constantly at peace with myself. As I got older, and as life (family, career, etc.) has taken a more and more demanding role, however, I have noticed that maintaining some kind of equilibrium becomes less and less natural, and takes more and more effort. For example, in the past year alone this “natural” unflappability has been shaken to the ground a good few times, which have required concerted endeavours to restore to an acceptable level of composure. Obviously being older and wiser has no meaning unless we learn to analyse and discern why things happen in life, and take opportune action to remedy whatever requires resolution. It must be noted that steps can only be taken after reflection, and once a degree of will power is gained. Without the latter two