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Explaining Behaviour : WORKAHOLICS

We have all met them. We have worked with them.  We have shared an office, sat on the opposite desk, Some of us may have had a relationship with them.  At times, we may even have been them.  But what drives workaholics? They are the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. They spend all the time stuck to their desk, with their head down, always busy.  They are sociable, polite, and interact with everyone in the office, but not very often.  They will be more likely to listen to a conversation, than to participate.  They will accept any work given to them without a word of complaint, or a flinch of disappointment.  We may often see them as the Manager's pet, or as ambitious careerists, and we may even dislike them for this. But, let's think again.  There is something in this nature that deserve attention and compassion, instead of resentment. There are some exceptions.  Some workaholic are truly focused people who are out to get the best they can fro

What are the traps of spirituality? Is the mind one of them?

I was recently asked this question, which made me think quite deeply. Firstly, I should probably to mention semantics … Trap is a negative term, and I would prefer to call them challenges and stepping stones.  Even if we look at a stepping stone, if the stone is taller than half the length of one’s leg, it already becomes a challenge.  If it is taller than oneself, the trial is even greater. Something else worth mentioning, is that there are degrees of spirituality.  Not everybody needs to be a monk! The degree of spirituality we aim for depends on what is the next step we want to take in our Eternal life once we move to the next plane of existence.  The higher the degree of spirituality, the higher the next plane of existence (where higher is in relation to the ethereality of the world of our choice.  It is by no means a physical height as we interpret it in our human existence.  To explain this concept in details would take quite some time, and probably will be a be

The hour of weeping for the world

In this post, I am going to share something very personal.  I do not exactly know why, a little voice in my head is telling me to share this information.  Maybe it is because I need some self-healing.  Maybe it is because I would like other people to become more sensitive.  Maybe it is because I would like to raise people’s awareness about the pain the in world. It does not matter why, in complete honesty, you the reader make of it what you will. Those who know me see me as a big, strong, butch man.  Yet, I have a very sensitive soul.  My eyes will swell with tears at the sight of suffering, as much as they will at the sight of an act of kindness.  I am quite proud of this sensitivity of mine, as it is an indication of a strong and mature soul that is willing to live through whatever happens in my life, as well as the lives of other people.  I drink a lot of water, so I am never dehydrated, and I can keep the waterworks functioning whenever the need arises. Some ma

are Spirituality and Rationality different?

There is no distinction between the rationality and spirituality, other than possibly an extension of each other. We don't become irrational idiots on our spiritual journey ... our rationality still guides us and enable us to understand the intricacies of the soul and of a universe that spans multiple realities and multiple dimensions ... The universal laws are logical, rational, and scientific ...  our science just doesn't understand them all yet ...

Ego is the cause of the de-evolution of human consciousness, and it kills (in many ways) the person that places importance on it.

Ego is the cause of the de-evolution of human consciousness, and it kills (in many ways) the person that places importance on it. To understand the idea, we need to look at the universe (and by universe I mean the entirety of creation, the multi-verses, the energies, the entities, and everything comprised in it), as one single body. If we look at it this way, it is then quite easy to view ourselves as individual cells in this single entity. Now, let's compare this to the human body, and the life-cycle of a cells in it.  Every cell starts as a stem cell (similarly to how each living thing is born from the Source).  A cell is than assigned a role that depends exclusively on the need of the whole.  Some cells will become bone, some skin, some muscles, and so on. Each cell is unique in its own way, it has a unique identity (it is that one specific cell), it has a group identity (it is bone, skin, muscle, etc.), and it has a collective identity (it is part of the

Raise your vibration and start the day with a smile

There are an infinite number of reasons why we may start our day in a bad mood.  At the time of our waking up we spend some time in a slight haze, with our mind floating between a sleep and an awaken state.  Our mind and souls are suspended between two worlds.  The world of dreams (the astral plane), and the universe of our current reality (the physical plane) It is at this time that all kind of thoughts start hitting us, and some may be like a slap in the face.  The demanding boss, the annoying colleague, the kids’ breakfast, traffic on the way to work, and a million other thoughts start orbiting our not yet conscious mind. As we struggle to enjoy the last five more minutes of sleep, these thoughts weigh really heavily, and can make us start the day in the most horrible and unpleasant way. So, here is a little exercise that helps me every morning in waking up vibrating nicely, and with a positive smile on my sleepy face. While you are still suspended between

From immigrant to immigrants, a word of advice

I read and see in the news how much anger and frustration is being shared by both immigrant, and host countries, of late.  I have been an immigrant for the most part of my life, first in the UK, and now in the Philippines, and I would like to share some advice, in the hope that it will help people to their new life in what will be their new home country. I left Italy when I was 20 years old.  I just didn’t fit in, and after falling in with bad company, I was at risk of ending up in jail, or dead.  I hope my Italian friends will forgive me for this post, I love you all, and you were never the reason for me leaving.  It was my situation which was in no way helpful to me. One day, as I was told by my then girlfriend that she was pregnant, it dawned on me that I needed a fresh start, a new beginning. So, we left Italy, and set off for the UK in search of a better, more fulfilling life.  We were full of hope, and had high expectations of what our lives should be once we rea


For many of us, as it is for doctors and scientists, life is black and white.  We look at something, and make a decision, an assessment, a judgement, based only on the look of that thing. So, when a baby is born, a midwife or a doctor looks between their legs and pronounces to the eagerly awaiting parents whether it is a boy or girl. Then, when the baby goes home it is in a pink world of dolls and frilly dresses, or a blue world of cars and trousers. Gradually some babies, as they grow, find that they prefer to play with toys aimed at the opposite sex and love those clothes too. If they have friends, they soon learn to be very careful with what they say and how they come across to them. When they are really young, they become very confused, and miserable, and don't quite know why this is. Although some intuitively know very early on, others struggle to fit in, until there comes a time when eventually the feeling that they are in the wrong body gets stronger and stronger

Removing other people's bad emotion from ourselves

 We all have the gift of empathy, to a greater or lesser degree. Empathy is what enables us to be good human beings, it empowers us to understand what others are going through, and it facilitates us in helping those around us who are burdened by grief, sorrow, pain, and desolation. Empathy is not just about negative emotions.  The say "laugh is contagious" is a clear example of this.  When we see someone happy, having a good time, and overall being joyful, that can spread, and we can bask in those sentiments. However, at times, our empathy may pick up negative emotions from those around us.  It may be from a friend, or loved one, or it may be from a stranger we pass on the street.  It may even be from watching the news, or a documentary ... emotions float in the air, and we just pick them up. In a previous post  we already mentioned about how self-awareness can help us in identifying feelings that are not our own. We may feel something that does not fit in with o