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Can a person/body host multiple souls?

Does multiple personality disorder actually exist? How does it feel like? How can one person (one living soul) have multiple personalities? This was a question that we answered on Quora . Comments welcome. I believe the question refers to the Dissociative Disorder Spectrum which include Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Here is a reference at how it works We would like, however, to talk about that One Living Soul that you speak of. That has been a hot topic in our system. There are lots of us, many consciousnesses in one body. Some of us believe that everybody has their own Soul, others believe that some of us have Souls but others don’t. Some of us believe that no matter what everyone will cross over, others believe that only those with a Soul will. Others still believe that only the first has a Soul and they will be the only one to be graced with eternal life. Some of us are terrif