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Manifesting a new You and a new Reality

These are exciting times to be alive in this World. A new wave of awareness is sweeping through the human race, and many, many people are attempting to manifest a new way to be true to themselves, and a new reality that is more relevant to their new-found balance with their Soul. Much has been written about how to do this, and “manifesting” is a truly hot topic with many inspirational writers rushing to give their opinion, slant, and perspective on the subject. I have been thinking about writing my own angle on this, instead I found the most eloquent and explicative explanation in the book “ The Science of Being Great ”, written more than 100 years ago by Wallace D. Wattles , and I am providing below an extract of “Chapter 21: A Mental Exercise”, which speaks for itself. I strongly recommend reading the whole book, which is freely available in many formats, including as an audiobook , on the internet. I would also suggest to read the whole “The Science of” trilogy, and his other w

The 6 habits of a Happy Empath

Imagine a world where every time we have a problem, or are going through a rough time, instead of being isolated, we would have people surrounding us knowing exactly what is going to make us feel better. Imagine when we go through a good time, or good fortune, and those around us would not be jealous, but would be genuinely happy for us. Imagine a place that wherever you go, people only give Love, Peace, and Joy. What a wonderful life would that be! It is the role of the Empath to give Empathy and Love to those who need it. It is the duty of the Empath to learn and educate others, just in the same way as the loving mentor educated the child in the example given in the previous post . This will make the world just described a reality. And here are the 6 habits that make a Happy Empath, who can live normally, socialize, and get out of the house: 1.       Time-out is OK! I don’t personally believe that shutting off is a permanent solution. As stated in a  previous pos

Empathy: The definitive guide

No one is born an empath. We learn Empathy through personal experiences. We can see this in children. A child whose ice cream melted and fell on the ground will empathise with another child who has the same experience. A child who received an unwanted gift at Christmas, will empathise with someone else in a similar situation. A child who has been bullied, will be able to empathise with a child who is going through the same experience. In fact, we do recognise that children are not naturally empathic, and good mentors will always assist the child in learning one or more lessons from each experience, so that they can empathise with others when appropriate. For example, if the child plays a competitive game, and their team loses the match and their friend on the opposing team taunts them, an attentive advisor (whether parent, family, family friend, teacher, or whatever else) will not only make the child feel better by way of encouragement, but will also help the child reflect on

My Spirituality

Raised by a devout Catholic family, it wasn’t long before I questioned Christian Teachings, and Catholic attitudes. I was always surprised at the violence, intolerance, and vengefulness of the god of the old testament. When compared to the teachings of Love, Peace, Tolerance, and Charity of Jesus Christ, I could only arrive to the conclusion that the Old Testament is based on the word of a different god. While the attitude of the Old Testament resonated with my testosterone induced, primordially guided, teenage mentality, the message of Jesus resonated on a much deeper level. My heart and soul approved and felt at peace with this latter message. When considering this, and taking into account the warning against false prophets, and wolves in sheep clothing, it was a simple process of reasoning that lead me to believe that the different god of the Old Testament was a false god. Maybe the Anunnaki really did exist. Maybe especially powerful being not of this world who claimed to be