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Learning life lessons from a little bird

This morning I woke up quite late. As I was rushing to get ready to go to work, I stopped to look at Mount Banhaw from my windows. I am quite lucky, as I can see the top of the mountain right from my window, and every morning I spend a few seconds looking at it. Whether it is sunny, cloudy, or rainy, the view is always incredibly uplifting; and every morning it reminds me of the beauty surrounding me if only I take the time to look. This morning was a particularly sunny morning, typical of a Filipino summer, and the sky was clear of any clouds, and I could see the tip of the mountain in all its bright splendour. I took a deep breath, taking in this reminder of the astounding creation of God in which we live; and which I am particularly lucky to enjoy in the Laguna's countryside. This view is a little constrained by the many rooftops surrounding my house in the heavily built up centre of the little town in which I reside. On the roof of my neighbour's house, with the co

Is there a collective consciousness?

Now that I explained about inspirational writings I would like to give an example of the kind of exercises that people do in psychic school to sharpen their psychic skills, and to help them understand about the psychic and spirit world, and indeed our own physical world. Again, no credit goes to me for this post, rather to the excellent and wise teachers at , all I am doing is to share thought provoking and inspiring events which I am fortunate enough to experience J This exercise, happened in a chatroom of the psychic school where people are 100s or 1,000s of miles apart, and a few years ago. Nonetheless it is highly thought provoking, so I decided to share it. Each person in the room was given a different word and ask to write a single sentence " inspired " by the word given. These were the words given to the students. Dreams  Light  Gift  Peace  Mind  Freedom  Value  Solitude  Bless  Knowing  Citrus  Sunrise  Expression 

What is inspirational writing?

Today I added 2 new categories to the blog Psychic Events , and Inspirational Writings , and I would like to explain why. As the 2 are inter-related, I will explain both in one single post Has it ever happened to you that thoughts just flooded your mind, and you started writing them, and continued writing them until they end? I guess this is what artists refer to as their "muse", or inspiration. Many works of art are actually derived like this, they are inspired to talented individuals who then express this inspiration in their art, whether it is poetry, fiction, painting, sculpting, or whatever form of art they use. People like me, who are not very artistically inclined, get inspired too. Their expression of this inspiration will however take a different form; it could be philosophical, mathematical, engineering, or whatever their mind is capable of expressing. But where does this inspiration come from? For example, sometime I write something, and I feel like I am