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Free Psychic Readings

You have probably read some of the posts of our contributor  +Angelo A .  They are great articles that many find enlightened and inspiring. What you may not know, however, is that  +Angelo A  as well as being deeply spiritual, is also a gifted psychic.  He has been persuaded to use his psychic gifts to benefit those around him, and he is now attending a psychic school (you may not believe it, but even psychics have their own schools!). However, like everybody working to develop their natural abilities, he needs to practice. Why not help him?  Simply send him a message on Hangouts (click on this link +Angelo A  ) and ask him to give you a reading.  He will get the practice he needs, and you get a free psychic reading. We can guarantee it will be worth your while.

Is the Enlightened Soul Lonely? Join our Spiritual Awakening Support Group

I was reading an extremely interesting article regarding the loneliness of the awakening mind, and I would like to expand on it. The first elaboration would be to replace the word “mind” with “soul”. This is because to us the mind’s understanding is simply a tool, a bridge that helps us to put into words, to rationalise, to make sense of all the information that our soul provide to us. It is what helps a Spiritual Being to communicate, and make sense of a Physical World, or rather the opposite, it is what allows a physical body to live and operate coherently with a spiritual entity within it. For all intents and purposes, the soul and the mind are one and same. There is also ample scientific evidence that the mind is not within the body, as thoroughly explained and referenced by Dr Hogan Craig, is his book Your Eternal Self , which is available as a free download . I passionately recommend this publication to anyone who would like to understand the scientific evidence behin

Entrain you brain: peak mental and physical performance

Today we would like to share the Isochoronic Tones below, with a warning.   Having said that, we use it all the done, both for work and physical excercise, and it has never caused any side effect.  We do however use the track  Harmonizing Thought Processes Isochronic Pulses    on a regular basis, so that may help. WARNIG: Very Powerful Excessive Use May Cause Anxiety - Beta High Isochronic Pulses 1 hour track.  This track will help in achieving greater focus, attention, and alertness.  Unsuitable for meditation due to the increased alertness.  Simply listen to it when working or studying.  Do not listen to it continuously as it may cause exhaustion, anxiety, and tension.  We find it very useful both when working, and working out, it is one of our personal favourite 0.1 to 0.45 Hz Isochronic Pulses at 4 minutes intervals: Epsilon waves, less is known about these states due to the rarity of observing them. They have reportedly been associated with when state Yogi's go int

Jorg: Kids, for some people hell is an improvement

Entrain your Brain

We have a new YouTube channel , where we are sharing some Binaural Tones and Isochronic Pulses that we have been developing. They all are for different uses and purposes, and we hope you will find them as helpful as we do. Please do however bear in mind that Brain Entrainment is supposed to be a training. It is supposed to teach our brains to work at certain frequencies to achieve certain effects. However, we should consider their use only temporary. Once our brains have learnt to work at the desired frequencies, it will be able to go back to those frequencies at will, without the need of any tones. These tones are like crutches, if you will. And as such, we, and our brains, will not work at peak performance when using them. It is like running on crutches. We run much faster without them. Similarly, our brains work more efficiently and will perform better when we learn to work at the required frequencies without help. So, today we will be introducing the first two tr

The Empath's only line of defence

I have been reading many articles about empathy lately, and I must confess I am quite disappointed by their content. These have clearly not been written by true empaths. A list of relevant articles is included at the end of this post While I find that all of these articles have, to a greater or lesser degree, a certain amount of truth within them, they all fail to see the world from an empath's perspective. Firstly, there is a difference between an empath, and a person with empathy. And, although in my mind an empath is clearly also a psychic, there is a difference between the typical psychic, and an empath. Let us start by looking at the definition of empathy on the Oxford Dictionary : The ability to understand and share the feelings of another I would like to emphasize the point that empathy is different from sympathy. Borrowing from the notes given in the Oxford Dictionary: People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy . Empathy means ‘the ability to u

Home is where Spirit is

Today, I would like to share a speech that Sybil, a great psychic and medium, has given a few years ago at my school. Every time I read it it moves me, and it reassures me. I hope it will have the same effect on you The theme tonight is “Home is where the heart is” and I am afraid I have to change that and make it “home is where the spirit is” which is where hearts are... We frighten ourselves with talks of death and dying so much, and it is so sad that so many people are afraid of the change that will happen one day when it is time for them to go home, for that is all it is. I know that the dying process can be very painful for many but moving from this life to the next is so very peaceful. With people, family, and friends waiting to take your hand and literally take you home. It is where you came from, it is where you will return to. No one enters the spirit world alone, no matter how, where, why, or how sudden their death has been. It is known in spirit when every

Coming soon to your screen: Jorg

Brace yourself for Jorg Coming soon to your computer screen Who said that spiritual people have no sense of humour?  Well, a good disposition, a positive mental attitude and a good laugh are very important in everyone's life. This is why we will bring you Jorg, his family, and friends; to make you smile after a long day of meditation, reflection, and self development, 

The end of the world: Obamacare, Planet X, and Polar Shifts

Source: NASA Today someone sent me a message on Facebook, claiming that the Rapture is near, and cited the fact that the Obamacare bill would require all Americans to wear an RFID microchip either on their arm, or forehead, linking it to Revelation 13:15-18 , and calling it the “the sign of the Beast” Personally, I am not excessively worried about the end of the world. If such thing as Judgement Day is to come, I believe I am reasonably prepared to be judged. However, I am always excited to find a new subject for a blog post, so I did a little research. Nothing major, a simple Google search. I always love to do generic internet searches as they yield the most amazing results, there is a lot of information out there, and it is fun to sift through what is available and attempt to assess the truth. The most reliable article , however, which has the most links to it, and which links to an online version of the Obamacare act , seem to indicate that the information is simply a lot

What comes to the mind

The past few days I have been a little off-key and restless. Yesterday I couldn’t even meditate, and my mind was wildly wondering. Last night I thought, I will meditate no matter what, even if just for a few minutes as I need to get back that happy, content, and settled state of being that I have been experiencing since I started my Psychic journey. Somehow, however, I could not … my mind was in turmoil. I felt a strong need to write something, but not on the computer. I found myself picking up a notebook and a pen. I started thinking, ok, what shall I write about? Suddenly, even though I had nothing to say, my mind started to spurt out words and my hand started writing. I was not quite sure what words would come next; my hand was just writing what was being dictated to my mind. I believe I had an experience of inspired writing, and below is what my hand wrote. What does it mean to be a spirit if not going for a journey? A journey of self-discovery, of self-development, of self-i