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The price of kindness

I have noticed a trend on some alleged “spiritual” website that concerns me gravely. While I do find the occasional article that does delivers a certain degree of spiritual insight, I am becoming more and more aware that a great amount of advice is rather personal to the writer, without much of a spiritual basis, and on the contrary, which is antithetical to the whole essence of spirituality, and enlightenment of the soul. Today I would like to mention those editorials that often detail how being helpful, charitable, and compassionate to other people will inevitably cause the object of our kindness to exploit our benevolence. They often recount stories of ex-partners, friends, and colleagues who do just that, and caused great amount of anger, resentment, and even depression. Consequently, their advice to their reader is to not be “too nice”, to ensure sanity and self-preservation. Personally, at my level of spiritual development, I abhor this suggestion, and frankly, I believe

The struggle of the spiritual soul

As many people interested in developing themselves spiritually I often read, and I read them avidly, interesting and suggestive articles from a myriad of websites. The Mind Unleashed, the Open Mind, Collective Evolution (all .com of course :) ) and many more are all very popular websites where interesting and relevant content is available. I read their articles on daily basis, and of course I can only recommend them. However, when perusing some of their content I can’t avoid to notice, see, feel, and obviously read that there is some disappointment, some anger, and some resentment, and those feelings come right through the articles. Obviously not everybody is as sensitive or adept at reading between the lines as I may be, but I am sure that many can sense what I perceive too. So, this is the reason behind writing this post. And what I would like to discuss today is the struggle of the spiritual soul. Whoever has had at least one spiritual awakening (we do have many over th

Spirituality vs. Spiritualism

A couple of months ago I wrote the post we need a new religion . I would like to progress on my thinking in this article. In my last post, I wrote: "We need a new Religion. A Religion that transcends all other religions, while encompassing all the commonalities. A Religion that emphasises how little we know. No certainties. No Dogmas. No Saints. No infallibility. No blind belief that the words of some people are to be taken at face value and are more valuable than the words of others. A Religion that does not insult our intellect, our sensitivity, and our sensibility. A Religion that lets us explore, study, share with other faiths, worship, and live what is the reality of God." Well, this is something that I have been pondering on for many years. When asked, I always used to remark that I am more spiritual, than religious. And yet, this is not entirely true. While it is true that I am spiritual, that I pursue activities that are highly spiritually charged, such as